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What you didn’t know about Wu Yifan [part 2]


So I decided to translate this due to popular demand and this is part 2(the last part) to part 1 which can be read here if you haven’t already. I skipped out a few bits (like 2) cause i wasn;t sure how to translate it to english, but i read it and it wasn’t too important so i decided to omit it.

Just a heads up, i separated the paragraphs according to the original post so because the post has visuals and some parts you will need to see the photos for my trans not to sound like an awkward piece of shit, zoom into the picture and keep working your way down in order of these pictures:  [ 1 ], [ 2 ], [ 3 ]  (or else you’re going to be like: …..??? ummmmm alright then)

Verryyyy long text post ahead its like nearly 1.5k words long, so read if you want

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Thanks for your replies ^^

Anonymous: they won Asian Most Influential Group at some chinese award show!! >////<

>////< thanks

hunhansguardian replied to your post: “Now it’s Congrats EXO trending”

They won Most Influential Group Award. ^^


Now it’s Congrats EXO trending —AHHH Ok Thank you FOR YOUR REPLY ^^
why is sir suho trending —every exo stans right now (via ayejongdae)
Anonymous: I love your blog..but im afraid to follow you. I might just lose my sanity

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[NEWS] Luhan - 140423 TV Report: "EXO Luhan, First acting challenge...Cast in Chinese remake of the movie 'Miss Granny' "



"EXO’s Chinese member Luhan is taking on his first acting challenge.

On the 23rd, Chinese media revealed that Luhan will be filming alongside with Gui Ya Lei, Zi Shan Yang, Wilson Chen, in the movie ‘Back to 20’ (‘重返20歲’). After confirming with S.M. Entertainment, it was revealed that…

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